Arms of Henry VII

Rotuli Parliamentorum
A.D. 1485 1 Henry VII

Rotulus Parliamenti tenti apud Westm’, Septimo Die Novembris,
Anno Regnis Henrici Septimi Primo.

Titulus Regius

To the pleasure of Allmighty God, the Wealth, Prosperitie, and Suretee of this Roialme of England, to the singular Comfort of all the Kings Subjects of the same, and in avoiding of all Ambiguities and Questions, be it Ordeined, stablished and enacted, by auctoritee of thys present Parliament, that the Inheretance of the Crounes of the Roialmes of England and of Fraunce, with all the preheminence and dignitie Royall to the same pertaineing, and all other Seignaries to the King belonging beyond the See, with th’appurtenaunces thereto in any wise due or p̱teineing, be, rest, remaine, and abide in the most Royall p̱sone of our now Soveraigne Lord King Harry the VIIth, and in the heires of hys body lawfully comen, p̱petuelly with the grace of God so to endure, and in noon other.

[ Restitution of Henry VI et al. ]

The Kinge our Soveraine Lorde remembringe, how ayenst all Rightwysness, Honour, Nature and Dutie, an inordinate, seditious and slaunderous Acte, was made ayenst the most famous Prince of blessed Memorie King Herrie the VIth, his Uncle, in the Parlement holden at Westm’ the IIIIth daie of Novr, the 1st yeere of the Reigne of Edward the IIIIth, late Kinge of England, whereby his Uncle, contrary to due Allegiance and all due order, was atteinted of High Treason.

Wherefore oure said Soveraine Lorde, by the advys and assent of the Lordes Sp̃uell and Temporell, and the Com̃ens, in this present Parlement assembled, and by auctoritee of the same, ordeneth, enacteth and establisheth, that the said Acte, and all Actes of Atteinder, Forfaiture and Disablement, made or had in the same Parlement or else in any other Parlement of the said late King Edward, ayenst the said most blessed Prince King Herrie, or ayenst the right famous Princess Margaret, late Queene of England, hys Wyfe, or the right victorieous Prince Edward, late Prince of Walles, Son of the said blessed prince Herrie and Margaret, Jasper Duke of Bedford, late Erle of Pembroke, or Herrie late Duke of Somersett, the which Jasper and Herrie late Duke of Somersett, for their true and faithfull Allegeaunces and Services doune to the said blessed King Herrie, were atteinted of High Treason, or any of theyme, by what name or names thei or any of them be named in any wise in anie of the said Actes, be ayenst the said blessed King Herrie, Queene Margaret, Edward late Prince, and the same Dukes, and the Heires of every of theyme, void, adnulled, repelled, and of noe force ne effect.

[ Restitution of Queen Elizabeth wife of King Edward IVth. ]

The Kinge our Soveraine Lorde, for certeine considerac͠ons him moveing, by the advise and assent of the Lordes Sp̃uells and Temporells, and Comunes, in thys present Parlement assembled, and by auctoritee of the same, enacteth, ordeineth and stablisheth that Elizabeth late Wyfe to Edward the IIIIth, late King of England, have and enjoye from henceforth, all such Estate, Dignitee, Preemenence and Name, as she should or might have had or doune, if noe Acte of Parlement had been made ayenst ne touching her, in the time of Richard the IIId, late in dede and not of right King of England.

And that the same Elizabeth, by the same Name the which she so might have had if none Acte have been made ayenst her, be able to plede and be impleded in all manner of Acc̃ons, and yeve, graunte, take and receive, all manner of Hereditaments, Possessions, Goodes, Cattells and other thinges; and allso have and maintaine all such Acciones of Debte and Account, as she should or might have had or doune, and the same to be of such force and effecte, as if no Acte of Parliament had been made ayenst ne touchinge her, in the type of the Reigne of the said late pretended King Richard. Excepted for such Debts and Accompts, as have been duely paid and made, after the beginnning of the said Usurped Reigne of the said late pretended King Richard; whereof all p̱sounes which have made any such Payments or Accompts, be thereof ayenst the said Elizabeth quite and discharged.

[ Annulment of the Previous Act of Richard III. ]

Item, quedam Billa in pergameno exhibita fuit in presenti Parliamento, in forma que sequitur.

[ Further, this Bill in parchment was presented to the current Parliament, in the following form. ]

Where afore this tyme, Richard, late Duke of Glouc’, and after in dede and not of right King of England, called Richard the IIId, caused a false and seditious Bille of false and malicious ymaginacones, ayenst all good and true disposicion, to be put unto hyme, the beginning of which Bill is thus:

Please it youre noble Grace to understand the Considerac͠ons, Ellecc͠on and Petic͠on under written, &c.

¶ Which Bille, after that, with all the continue of the same, by auctoritee of Parliament, holden the first yeere of the usurped Reigne of the said late King Richard IIId, was ratified, enrolled, recorded, approved and authorised; as in the same more plainly appeareth.

The King, atte the speciall instance, desire and prayer of the Lordes Spirituell and Temporell, and Com̃ons, in the p̃sent Parlement assembled, woll it be ordeined, stablished and enacted, by the advys of the said Lordes Spuell and Temporell, and the Comunes, in this present Parlement assembled, and by auctoritee of the same, that the said Bill, Acte and Ratificacion, and all the circumstances and dependants of the same Bill and Acte, for the false and seditious ymaginac͠ons and untrouths thereof, be void, adnulled, repelled, irrite, and of noe force ne effecte.

And that it be ordeined by the said auctoritee, that the said Bill be cancelled, destrued, and that the said Acte, Record and enrollinge, shall be taken and avoided out of the Roll and Records of the said Parliament of the said late King, and brente, and utterly destroyed.

And over this, be it ordeined by the same auctoritee, that every p̱soune haveing anie Coppie or Remembraunces of the said Bill or Acte, bring unto the Chaunceller of England for the tyme being, the same Coppies and Remembraunces, or utterlie destrue theym, afore the Fest of Easter next comen, upon Peine of ymprissonment, and makeing fyne and ransome to the Kinge atte his will.

So that all thinges said and remembred in the said Bill and Acte thereof maie be for ever out of remembraunce, and allso forgott.

And over thys, be it ordeined and enacted by the said auctoritee, that thys Acte, ne any thing conteined in the same, be anie way hurtfull or prejudiciall to the Acte of stablishment of the Croune of England to the Kinge and to the Heyres of hys body begotten.

Que quidem’ Billa C͠oib’ Regni Angl’ in eodem Parliamento existen’ trasporta fuit: Cui quidem Bille iidem Cões assensum suum prebuerunt sub hiis verbis.

A cest Bille les Cõenz sount assentuz.

Quib’ quidem Bille & Assensu coram Dño Rege in Parliament predc̃o lectis & intellectis, ac sp̃ialem instantiam, desiderium & regatum Dñor’ Sp̃ualium & Temporalium in dc̃o Parliamento similitur existen’, & de assenu C͠oitat’ p̃dictorum, necnon auctoritate ejusdem Parliamenti, respondebatur eidem in forma sequenti.

Le Roy le voet.

Seal of Richard III